Lightwave Therapy

Lightwave therapy improves the appearance of the following: lightwave

• Hair Loss
• Fine Lines & Wrinkles
• Sun Damage
• Scars & Blemishes
• Improves flaccid skin & Stretch Marks
• Surgical Scars
• Reduces Cellulite
• Spider Veins

Lightwave Rejuvenation offers advanced cosmetic rejuvenation utilizing Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology with a low level power output that has been determined by the FDA to be of non-significant risk.

Lightwave Rejuvenation is completely non-invasive and does not produce thermal damage or pain; unlike IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) or high powered LASER resurfacing units. Treatments are 20 minutes in duration and are enjoyable and relaxing.

Lightwave Rejuvenation significantly enhances all other anti-aging treatments including micro-dermabrasion, chemical peelings, hydrating creams and all anti-cellulite regiments.
Lightwave Rejuvenation can reduce the appearance of facial scars, burns, sun damage, sunspots and even pregnancy mask.

Now you are probably wondering how this procedure works. LED technology has been studied in the U.S., Canada, and the European Community for over 15 years and is even used by NASA and the U.S. Department of Defense for LED’s physiotherapeutic and pain management benefits. Lightwave Rejuvenation stimulates your body’s own regenerative metabolism, accelerating the replenishment of collagen and elastin to restore your youthful appearance. It is gentle and natural. It is the simple process of stimulating tissues to convert light energy into cellular energy, revitalizing and optimizing the health of these tissues. This process is also known as photo biostimulation. Lightwave Rejuvenation is also effective for cosmetic enhancement of the face including reducing the appearance of fine lines and superficial wrinkles by hydrating the skin. It lifts, tones and restores youthful appearance with 100% natural looking results.
This procedure has helped many patients with their scars and self-confidence. The following are the advantages of this Lightwave Rejuvenation therapy:

• No Thermal Damage
• No Discomfort or Downtime
• No Scarring
• No Discoloration
• No Surgery
• Most Importantly, NO Negative Side Effects!