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A scar is the direct result when dermal tissue is lost and replaced. This represents the final stage of the healing process. All scars need specific application treatments with special attention to meticulous technique. One kind of scar is the Hypertrophic (raised) scar which are red, thickened scars usually resulting from deep surgery, accidental injury, chemical or heat burns. With this in mind the Scar Treatment and Recovery Center’s skincare professionals apply the exclusively developed technique called the “Raque” . Raque is a procedure that is used specifically for these types of scars.
Another candidate for this procedure is the keloid scar. A keloid scar is an abnormal scar that may be hard, smooth and rounded. It is a tissue mass of interwoven broad bundles consisting of dense fibrotic tissue. Keloid scars occur when a wound scar grows excessively producing fibrous protein (collagen) after the wound has healed. The scartissue is often red or darker in color than the surrounding tissue.
Direct heat (including scalding water), chemicals, electricity, radiation or sun may cause burns.

• First and second-degree burns are classified as partial-thickness burns
• Third-degree burns are classified as full thickness burns

In a first-degree burn, the outer layer of skin is red, injured and will not blister. In a second-degree burn the epidermis is totally injured and much of the corium. Blisters form and there is edema in the subcutaneous layer. These types of burns are painful because the nerve-endings have been injured.

All layers of the skin are destroyed in a third-degree burn. Muscles, bones and blood supply may also be destroyed or injured. The nerves that are destroyed make the wound painless. This is when skin grafts are used to cover the burned tissue.
Skin Contractures are one of the most serious long-term complications for a burn survivor. Contractures occur when the skin from the scar pulls the edges of the skin together. The contractured skin may affect adjacent muscles and tendons and restrict normal movement. The “raque” technique has also been successful with these types of scars.


This advanced permanent Micro-Pigmentation method involves the implantation of pure natural pigment into the dermis of deeper layer of skin. With topical anesthesia, this is a relatively painless non-surgical procedure that is performed on an out patient basis. It involves a dedicate, controlled method of applying subtle microscopic skin color. The concept forms a natural blend of color into the skin, achieving a gentle, more natural look (as opposed to the harshness of a standard drawn tattoo line).

Scar Treatment Center Recovery Center also provides state of the art areola (nipple) correction and completion. They camouflage tattoos, burn marks, skin damage, sun damage and other imperfections by implanting natural color pigment to the skin. This is not a tattoo.

Scar Treatment Recovery Center provides exceptional Micro-Pigmentation and Permanent Make-up services including natural enhancement of eyebrows, eyeliners, lip liners and full lip color. These enhancements are especially desired by those who shed make-up easily.

Using advanced technology, we also specialize in deep cleansing resurfacing the skin for men and women. We proudly carry an exceptional protein based enzyme skin care line.